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Vi hade länge problen med länkar till vissa arbetsbeskrivningar. Nu är det avhjälpt!


deco -metal Red 14x14 cm 5 blad

deco -metal Red 14x14 cm 5 blad

deco metall red

63 kr/st (inkl. moms)
Lager: I lager
Artnr: 2170018

Deco-metal is a wafer-thin metal in form of sheets or flakes. Different objects will get more individual and noble with the use of deco-metal. How to use: Apply the adhesive milk and allow to dry. Put on deco-metal in tiny or big pieces and press it with a brush onto the object. Wipe off the rests with a brush or a soft cloth. Air well. Now you can polish the object with a soft cloth, eventually apply some protective varnish.


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